Faizah Malik

Student gets second chance to pursue career in mechanical engineering

Faizah Malik came to Leeds Sixth Form College to complete her A levels as her school sixth form wouldn’t allow her to continue. She didn’t get the grades she needed in physics and didn’t know what to do.

Two years later, she leaves Leeds Sixth Form College with three Bs in chemistry, physics and maths. She said: “Coming here was a quick decision and I’m so glad I did.

“I used to be very shy and worried but this sixth form really made a big difference to my confidence. I was no longer afraid to speak out, ask questions and seek help when needed.

“There is such a welcoming atmosphere here compared to a traditional school and I immediately felt at ease. Everyone is accepted regardless of your background and I felt like I belonged, which helped me grow.

Faizah will now be heading to Lancaster University to study mechanical engineering.