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Study pathways

Two year pathways
Two year pathways are aimed at students who have completed GCSEs, meet the entry requirements, and wish to progress to A level study. With two year pathways, students can either study three or four A levels dependent on their GCSE (or Progress 8) average score.

Three A levels
This is the recommended study route for A level applicants with a GCSE (or Progress 8) average score of below 6.0. Almost any combination of A level subjects is possible, but we offer guidance on the most suitable combination of subjects for your career aspirations.

You will benefit from additional study support to help bridge the gap between GCSEs and A levels including: personal tutor support, academic skills workshops, subject workshops, and peer study groups.

Four A levels
This is the recommended study route for A level applicants with a GCSE (or Progress 8) average score of 6.0 or above. Students following this programme will benefit from personal tutor support and subject workshops.

Entry requirements for three year pathways
Three year pathways are aimed at students aged 16-18 who aspire to study A levels, but who do not yet have the foundation at GCSE level to fully prepare them for this level of study. Students following this programme in year 1 will receive dedicated coaching tutor support and specialist guidance on A level subject choices.

In year 1 of this programme, students will study a package of five GCSEs (following either a science or humanities pathway). Students who successfully complete year 1, demonstrate an appropriate attitude to study, and gain five GCSEs at grades 9-4 equivalent will have the opportunity to progress on to A levels in year 2. Other progression routes are also available.

There are no fixed entry qualifications and applicants may not have previously studied GCSEs. Our experienced staff will consider the individual educational background, qualifications, and experience of each applicant. The requirement for entry is that students must have a reasonable chance of securing grade 4 or above in each of the subjects taken by the end of one year of study. Prospective students undertake English and maths assessments during the interview process.



"I got additional study support from tutors to help me bridge the gap between GCSE and A levels."