Ever wondered how we developed into the society we are today? How influential are the media on our choices in life? Why are men more likely to commit a crime? Is educational failure or success merely a result of intelligence or is there more?

A level Sociology will help you to make sense of the society we live in and understand the cultural and identity issues, which affect us all. It examines the impact of our social class, gender and ethnicity on our life-chances.

You will learn a number of skills, including the use of evidence to support your arguments, how to investigate facts, and critical thinking. You will develop a knowledge of society, but also the ability to critically evaluate and analyse information. Its relevance to the society in which you live makes your learning relevant to everyday life.

Progression Routes

A level Sociology is considered as an appropriate subject for access to many different degree courses, particularly in the Social Science and Humanities. The study of Sociology could lead on to careers in Public Relations, Teaching, Local and Central Government, Management and Business, Journalism, Social Work, Probation Service, Youth and Community Work, or Nursing.

Entry Criteria:

Start Date 02/09/2019
2 years
Study Mode
Full Time

"I chose a sixth form that’s more flexible than school and they understand I’m a young adult who can make their own choices."

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