Kirellos Abdel Miseih

A level student reaps the rewards of hard work

Success isn’t always straightforward and sometimes it takes time and perseverance to reach your goals and aspirations.

One of our Leeds Sixth Form students, Kirellos Abdel Miseih, proves that anything is possible when you’re dedicated and work hard, after walking away from results day with A*, A and a B in psychology, art and English, respectively.

Born and raised in Italy, Kirellos didn’t do very well in his exams. He lost hope and had no determination or ambitions. He said: “I left college at home with no long term plan. I did nothing for a year and adopted an unhealthy lifestyle of drinking and smoking.”

After arriving in the UK in 2015 with limited English skills, the 21 year old struggled to get a place at schools and colleges, until he discovered Leeds Sixth Form.

He continued: “My friends and family told me not to do A levels as they would be too difficult for me and I wouldn’t succeed. I wanted to prove them wrong, so I enrolled at the sixth form.

“I didn’t know what subjects to do at first, but the tutors helped me by finding out my interests and making recommendations. Soon after, I re-discovered the pleasure of learning and the luxury of education. I loved all my tutors; they supported me and are motivated in what they do.”

Despite Kirellos’s success, he found art challenging at first. “I used to draw a lot when I was younger but for the first three or four months of studying it, I didn’t enjoy art and found it very challenging. My teacher persuaded me to stick at it and I soon grew to love it again and began to take inspiration from other artists.

“A great achievement for me is getting a B in English. It wasn’t that long ago since I was studying it at functional skills level.

“Psychology turned out to be the most enjoyable subject. It’s fascinating to learn about human behaviour. Ultimately, I’m very grateful to all my teachers who were all supportive and made my time at Leeds Sixth Form an amazing and memorable one.”

Kirellos is now heading to London to study psychology at King’s College London. His long-term plan is to remain in academia as a lecturer and researcher in neuroscience.